Ramadan Search Statistics and Trends

24/7/2014 with

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, is a major religious event celebrated by, and affecting individuals and businesses all around the world. For Muslim’s it is a month of restraint in which they fast from food, water and other temptations considered sinful by their faith. Fasting takes place from dawn until sunset with […]

James Reynolds Guests at Abu Dhabi FM To Discuss Getting Found on the Internet

7/5/2014 with

James was recently invited as a guest on Abu Dhabi FM to speak about SEO and internet marketing with Andrew Hosie where he reveals the current status of Search Engine Optimisation and what you can do to stay on top of the game. Interview Highlights: Getting Found on the Internet The Competition for Attention How […]

TJ30 – Semantic Search: The Transformation of SEO As You Know It with David Amerland

15/3/2014 with

The world of search is constantly changing and how it was defined in the past does not reflect how it works today. With the evolution of Semantic Search, the practice of Search Engine Optimisation has evolved (thankfully) too. The skewing of results through manipulative tactics is near on gone, and the way to reign supreme […]

Marketing Podcast Archive

24/2/2014 with

With great content, good posts never go old! We’ve scanned through podcasts some done 3 years ago and we realized the topic is just as good and important today as it was during the time it was done so we’ve listed them down for you here so it is a lot easier to review and […]

Traffictoon #20 – SEO Simplified

16/1/2014 with

Diagram of simple SEO

This is what some SEO’s would like you to believe! A rich, complex scientific equation that only they have the answer to. The Traffictoon series takes a humorous look at SEO, PPC, Social Media and other online stuff. Find more Traffictoons like this here! What do you think are the REAL secrets to ranking well on the […]