August 11, 2013 – Week 33 Summary

11/8/2013 with

This week’s updates and tips has brought to light Google’s recent decision impacting press releases as well as how to be free of lacklustre ads for a higher clicks and conversions

SEO_Deaths of SEO Press Release VERAVO

There has been some noise going on among the SEO community, and this has something to do with the announcement Google has made regarding press releases.

Watch the news video here.




Orange in a bowl of apples VERAVO

It always helps to stand out if you want to grab attention to yourself. The same holds for adverts too and we have got five great tips for you to get this too!

Don’t wait longer, watch the training video here.




Traffic Jam with James and Justin Brooke WATERMARKED

We have got two good reasons for you to tune in to this week’s podcast:

  • We have a really great guest who’s unbelievable story of getting there is just awesome.
  • Learn how to legally cyber stalk your prospects and create the impression your brand is everywhere.

Listen in to the great podcast episode here.