August 18, 2013 – Week 34 Summary

18/8/2013 with

It’s back to basics week with a recall on how Google Search works. Also featured this week  is a cool new Ad position launched by Google Adwords that is sure to show prominence for your adverts.

Young Wizard infront of the computer

Google is the most popular search engine, but we still get asked how Google search works, so here’s a quick review.

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Tourist asking for direction

Mobile browsing has become such a popular way to connect with the web that Google has launched a way to advertise at Google Maps Apps for mobile devices and let your ad have the prominence that it deserves.

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Traffic Jam with James and Joe Pulizzi WATERMARKED

Traffic Jam Episode #16 talks about Content Marketing and why it is again hitting waves. No other than the Content Marketing Institute founder shows us some great tips and  tricks on this traffic generation technique.

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Red Carpet launch

Interested to become a reseller for Veravo services? We have some great news for you as well as updates within the company.

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