August 25, 2013 – Week 35 Summary

25/8/2013 with

In this week’s summary, find out what the SEO basket has to do with this week’s SEO tip, and what Adwords tip you can do for as little as two minutes but still get better results.


social media cartoon

This week has also seen the launch of the funny side of SEO, PPC and everything related to traffic with our traffic toon. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we had a good laugh!





eggs in the basket

What’s the deal with this SEO basket? Is it a good idea to put all your “eggs” in? Find out what we mean exactly on this week’s SEO news. (Hint: Matt Cutts discussed this recently)

Watch the video here.




last 2 minutes basketball

You got two minutes? This Adwords tip takes just 2 minutes to watch and 2 minutes to apply to your Adwords account but may just as well be all the time you need.

Find out more here.