March 16, 2014 – Week 11 Summary

16/3/2014 with

So what has happened in the world of Veravo this week? We’ve got loads of news and information out for you for both SEO and Google Adwords as well as the really information-packed episode of Traffic Jam with David Amerland.

Buying BacklinksBacklinking has been a trick in the SEO world for quite some time and the question that goes now is if this is still valid and good for your search engine efforts.

Click here to find more about backlinks.



Mobile HoldupGoogle Advertisers, are you protected from invalid clicks? Google has set up a scheme that allows them to detect fraudulent and invalid clicks.

How does this work? Click here to find out.



TJ with James and David Amerland small

David Amerland is this week’s guest in Traffic Jam and it is quite apt as he talks about Semantic Search and how everyone can work this to their advantage.

If you’ve missed this, don’t let it pass without listening in.


Batman and RobinFun, fun, fun! It might not exactly how Batman feels after Robin has checked in on Foursquare.

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