November 10, 2013 – Week 46 Summary

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If you have a lot of questions regarding your Google Adwords campaign, or if you are thinking of starting one, then you are in luck. This week’s tips focused on Google Adwords where two videos were released containing valuable information for Adwords Management.

business presentation

Do you know your marketing numbers very well? If your answer is no, or if you doubt your answer, then this video might help.

Watch this video now to make sure you know your marketing numbers very well.



computing on the blackboard

Do you know how Google decides how much your ad will cost? Understanding the concept of cost per click will help you make better decisions on how much you want to bid on your ad and to continue to make sure you have a good quality score.

Click here to understand how cost per click is computed.


TJ with James and Amy Porterfield WATERMARKED

On Episode #23 of Traffic Jam, we have Amy Porterfield to share how she has gained success in Facebook marketing.

Listen in to the Traffic Jam episode here.



social media cartoon 12

Finally, to end the week with a smile on our faces, we have another traffictoon post, this time taking a look at how you need to be aware on your social media posts especially if you don’t know who your followers are.

If you’ve enjoyed this toon and want to view past posts, click here.