October 13, 2013 – Week 42 Summary

13/10/2013 with

This week’s news and updates has shed light to mobile landing page design must have’s and the major algorithm update released by Google called Hummingbird.

open hand releasing humming bird

Google celebrated its 15th birthday with the release of hummingbird, dubbed by Amit Singhal as the biggest algorithm update since he joined Google in 2001.

Watch the full update on Hummingbird here.



man holding a mobile phone

Trending shows that Mobile users are most likely going to exceed the number of desktop viewers by 2015. With this in mind, we want you to have a mobile site that is ready to cater to the growing population so we tell you what your mobile landing page should look like

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social media cartoon 8

This week’s take on humor takes us to the world of names. How do you get found online when there’s a million other people named John like you?

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