October 20, 2013 – Week 43 Summary

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This week we have important updates for SEO, Google Adwords as well as a very insightful Traffic Jam episode tackling the influence of social media.

chains inbetween bags

A relevant user journey in within your website is the key to a longer stay on your set, minimal bounce rate and better conversion.

Find out how this works,watch this video here.



PPC_How to decide your Adwords Budget VERAVO

Just how much of your budget should you set for Google Adwords marketing efforts? Too much may mean early losses for the company, yet too little may lead to missed opportunities.

Know how to manage your pay per click budget with this video, watch it now.


TJ with James and Neal Schaffer WATERMARKED


On Episode#20 of Traffic Jam, Neal Schaffer shares his tips, tricks and secrets on how to maximize your returns from your social media efforts whether you are a B2B or a B2C business.

Listen in to the podcast and get the tips Neal shares here.



social media cartoon 9To cap the week we have another humorous look at social media. So just how important is tweeting your daily activities? St. Peter may be reading your updates….

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