October 27, 2013 – Week 44 Summary

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This week, we have Pinterest as the topic of discussion on Traffic Jam and how you can use it for your business to increase traffic and sales. We also share content marketing ideas to make sure you have enough juices flowing to get regular content off your site.

content marketing ideas

Google has decided that regularly adding relevant content to your site is a must if you want to get your site ranking, so we share 4 easy content ideas to make sure you get that creative juice flowing.

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TJ with James and Melanie Duncan WATERMARKED

Traffic Jam Episode#21 features Entrepreneuress Melanie Duncan of the Online Edge Academy. Listen in as she shares with James why Pinterest is worth spending your time on if you want to double your traffic and sales.

Listen in to Episode #21 of Traffic Jam here.



social media cartoon 10

What’s with updating your Facebook status with every event in your life? This week in Traffic Toon we bring to light just how often someone updates their social media status to let everyone know what they are up to.

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