September 1, 2013 – Week 36 Summary

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This week has seen a lot of new, tips and a very content packed episode of Traffic Jam. We’ve got some great tutorials on how to get the best keywords for your campaign, as well as the newly launched tracking tool for both SEO and Adwords campaigns.

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Keywords are important to SEO and we give tips on how to get the best keywords for your campaign.

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Just recently Google has launched a new tracking tool that allows you to see how your SEO and Adwords campaign are working and complementing each other. This is a really great tool, and find out why James is all excited about it.

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Traffic Jam with James and John Dumas WATERMARKED

Traffic Jam Episode #17 shares the secrets of the #1 podcast in iTunes with over 2 million downloads.Get John Dumas’ secrets to success in this content packed episode.

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Conversion Concerns of a Priest

We’ve got Traffic Toon #2 to close out the week with some good laughs. View previous toons and or leave a comment or suggestion of the joke you like and we’ll see if we can feature it in the coming ones.

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