September 22, 2013 – Week 39 Summary

22/9/2013 with

This week has been an action-packed week involving cowboys, redesign, congestion and content marketing strategies. Yet the most exciting post that we have is fact that we are giving away an SEO Package.

Win an SEO Package

SEO Sherpa is giving away a three month SEO package valued at 2,400 USD as our way of giving back after we’ve helped 100 companies reach the top of Google.

It’s so easy to join, click here for your chance at the prize.



Cowboy holding a gun

Cowboy SEO Practices Exposed! We reveal  questionable practices by SEO providers that can do you more harm than good.

Find out what these practices are, plus we name a few. Click here and watch the video.



smart phones

Google has been testing a new mobile ad version that we think might actually give increase CTRs.

Want to know what’s different with this new version? Watch the news video here.



TJ with James and Lee Oden WATERMARKED

Episode #19 of Traffic Jam features Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing where he shares his secrets on content marketing and lends insight on how social media, SEO and content marketing can work together to get you the results you need.

Tune in to the podcast for a wealth of information here.


Website Traffic Jam

To end the week, we’ve got our regular humorous take on the online world which revolves around, traffic, SEO, and the likes.

If you’re tickled to your funny bones and would like to see our past traffic toons, click here.