September 8, 2013 – Week 37 Summary

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This week we’ve got controversy, speed and social life all in. If you’re wondering what it means and you’ve missed last week’s batch of tips, news, and traffictoon, we’ve got it all here for you.

Man getting angry infront of pc

One good way not get left behind when it comes to online presence is to make sure you’re site is also not left behind when it comes to speed.

Not sure what it means? Read on here.




PPC_Sex party campaign banned VERAVO

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Australia’s Sex Party that’s got Google and Facebook shying away from showing their ads.

James shares what he thinks of this, watch the video here.




Social SEO

Let’s end the week reminiscing just what social is.


Here’s a look at this week’s Toons, view the previous toons here.