Infographic: 5 New SEO Techniques That Will Multiply Your Visits and Sales

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Getting results from Search Engine Optimization is time consuming and resource intensive. In order to build your website’s authority and climb up the search engine results pages you need (in most part) to have other high-value websites in your industry linking to you.

Approaching websites, then convincing them to link out to you is largely a hit and miss exercise. With response rates to SEO outreach averaging at 2% to 3% you could spend weeks on backlinking and outreach programs with no guarantee of success. What if there was an easier way?

Well, there is. Since Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates on-page SEO techniques have become increasingly important. In fact, website factors such as user experience, content depth and meta-data impact results more than ever before. To show how you can use these new SEO techniques, I’ve created this infographic for you:

new seo techniques infographic


Whilst off-site SEO is critical to achieving results with search engine optimisation, it’s important not to forget the significance of other factors in driving traffic and sales via search engines. Fixing your site speed, search listing, long-tail keyword targeting, internal linking and social sharing can all influence your results to an equal degree.

The best thing is the new SEO techniques shared here are easy to implement and and cost you little in terms of time and money.

So, how else can you get better search engine results without backlinking?

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