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Google has launched advertising options for Google Maps apps for mobile devices. Find out why this stand out ad position is best for you here.


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00:13 – We Insist – Be Ready For The Mobile Generation
00:34 – Google’s Recent Innovation – Ads on Google Maps Apps
00:55 – Let Us Demonstrate How It Works
01:32 – From An Advertiser’s Persective
02:00 – Where To Find This Setting
02:08 – Charges for Advertising
02:27 – The Ad Position
02:44 – Click Jam Can Help

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In this week’s Adwords training, I’m about to share with you a very cool new addition that Google made to the Google Maps Apps for advertisers.

Over the past few weeks I have been making a bit of a song and dance about how important it is to get your SEO and your Google Adwords optimized for tablets and mobile devices. One of the things that I am most excited at mobile at the moment is the ability to advertise on Google Maps Apps. The reason why I am so excited about this is that one billion people on a month by month basis use Google Maps applications, and just this last week Google has announced this really cool addition for advertisers and that is advertising at the base of the tablet or mobile screen when someone does a search.

phone giving direction to a tourist

I’m just going to show a little example here on my phone; I have just done a search for Hotel Dubai. I don’t know how well you can see here but at the base of the screen there is an advert for Fairmont Dubai Hotel. If I swipe this little screen up; if I do that, I now see more information on that hotel- I have the option to call them, I can save their details, and I can also share that information with my friends as well as getting more information on the hotel, such as a write up and then reviews from people that have stayed at the hotel itself.

As an advertiser, in fact some of these actions you can take from that listing are actually free. If someone wants to save the information about your business or share it to their friends, you actually won’t be charged for that. If however the user just wants to use the phone and dial straight to your business, i.e. click to call action, you’ll be charged, and if someone wants to get direction to your business, you will also be charged.

If you like the sound of advertising on Google Maps you can access this inside your Google Adwords account in local ads extension. And interestingly, as an advertiser, you’ll only be charged twice, that’s for two actions per an impression. So if someone tries to access you or calls you several times, you will only be charged twice.

So why am I so excited about this new addition? Simply put, it has more prominence on the screen. When you do a search inside Google Maps app, you can’t fail to notice the advertiser that pops up at the bottom. And as far as restaurants go or attraction type businesses go, this has so many possibilities.

If you are eager to find out and add this to your own account, the quickest, simplest, and easiest way to do it is by contacting us at and we can get your campaign started today. This has been James Reynolds for another Google Adwords pay per click training, of course I’ll catch you back here again sometime next week.

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