Google Adwords + Google Analytics Equals Better Business Decisions

31/7/2013 with

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to knowing what your website visitors are doing when they visit your site. There is one neat trick that allows you to know exactly what happens.


In this Video:

00:15 – Google Adwords Front End Data
00:36 – Great Backend Data Too!
00:52 – What Happens In Between?
01:07 – How To Find That Info
01:26 – See The Full Picture
01:53 – See Your Adwords Results

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In this Adwords training, I’ll reveal to you where you can find additional reporting functionality within your Adwords account so you’re always able to make a sound business decision.

If you’ve ever taken a look at your Google Adwords account you’ll find that it’s filled with fantastic front end data. And what I mean by that is data relating to impressions, how many times your ads are seen, how many people click on your ads and what those cost per clicks are. It is also fantastic to show the backend data, how many people converts in to sales or perhaps inquiries if you’ve got conversion tracking installed and where those conversions have come from in terms of which campaign, which ad group and even which keywords. What it’s missing though is the fantastic filling- the stuff in the middle. What happens between someone clicking on your ad and them converting later on?

When you link your Adwords account and your analytics account, you get that meaty filling. You’re able to see what path your visitors take, how many pages they visit, and what the duration of the visit is on your site.

PPC_Adwords and Analytics Missing Link VERAVO

You can drill this information down to campaign level, adgroup level, and even keyword level. When you have this data, you are able to see a full picture and make better business decisions. For instance, using the Google analytics multi-channel conversion view, you’ll not only be able to see those people that click on your adwords ad and then immediately result in a conversion, but you’ll also see those people that click on your adwords ad and then perhaps return to your site four or five times via other channels before converting. With this data, you’ll not only see when Google Adwords is directly responsible for a conversion, but you’ll also when adwords influences a conversion.

By linking your Adwords account and your analytics account together you will get the full picture and as a result you’ll make better business decisions. This has been James Reynolds for another Google Adwords pay per click news, to get your website taking advantage of Google Adwords, contact us here at I’ll see you back here with another news next week!

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