Do You Really Need A Mobile Optimised Website?

29/11/2013 with

If you have not been convinced enough yet that you should start investing in a mobile  site, James is back  with more reasons why you should.

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In this Video:

00:24 – Nielsen Report on Mobile Usage
00:37 – Google Middle East Statistics for Mobile
00:56 – This is Phenomenal Volume
01:09 – Mobile Ads Design
01:22 – Mobile Optimized Site Means Increase In Conversions
01:38 – 2012 Research Statistics
01:59 – Our Own Results
02:24 – What You Are Missing At This Time

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Absolutely everyone including me is talking about this multi- screen experience mobile phone optimization and the adoption of tablet and mobile phone devices within the marketplace. But just how important is optimizing your site for mobile searches? I’ll attempt to answer that for you in this update.

Nielsen have just published a report that said 48% of mobile consumers start their search journey with a search on their mobile device on Google. Now this further backs up. When I was told when I visited Google last week and they said that 53% of searches happening in Google in the Middle East, and numbers of course may change depending on where you are in the world, happen from mobile devices.

The volume of searches happening on mobile devices is quite phenomenal! And if you want your searches showing up within the mobile results, you’ve got to have a mobile optimized website. For Google Adwords, the quality of your mobile landing page will influence where your ads show within the results and how much you’ll pay per click. And of course you’ll also influence where you show up within the organic results as well.  Low cost per click from Google is great. However, a mobile optimized landing page will also increase sales and conversions and increase customer loyalty.

Increase in Conversion

According to the 2012 research, 67% of consumers said that a mobile friendly website would make them more friendly to buy. 74% said that it would make them more likely to return in the future. I can certainly reinforce these numbers. Since we introduced a mobile version of, we’ve see a 107% increase in conversion for our website analysis report from Google traffic. That’s quite phenomenal – 107% increase in conversion just by making our website friendly to mobile devices.

So if you have not already optimized your website for mobile traffic how much business do you think you’re leaving on the table right now and then will continue to leave in to the table long in to the future as long as you don’t get onboard with mobile? There’s a question to ask yourself.

Well, if you want to get started with mobile and all of this stuff, thankfully I already created a website which tells you all about what you need in place on your landing pages for mobile traffic and I’ll link to that beneath this video on So I hope you found this video useful, if you have please share it among your social networks and if you’ve got any comments or questions, please post them beneath this video. This has been James Reynolds from, and of course I’ll see you back here again real soon!



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