Using Google Ad Extensions For Better Adwords Results

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There are lots of ad extensions that can get more information across prospects and here’s a list of the top three choices for us.


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00:12 – Get Creative with Adwords
00:27 – We Love Ad Extensions
00:48 – Location Extension
01:07 – Works Well With Offline Traffic
01:24 – Site Links
01:34 – Finding You Is Easier
01:53 – Product Extensions
02:12 – Set Up is Easy

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In this Adwords pay per click training, I’m going to reveal my three most favored Adwords extensions. It’s coming right up.

When you’re creative with Google Adwords, there’s actually quite a lot you can do with three lines- your two description lines and your URL. However sometimes just three lines of text is just not enough that’s why here at we love ad extensions. You see ad extensions allow you to place information in your ads in a more accessible manner. That will allow you to be more relevant and interesting and of course they give your more real estate in the search results.

We use all types of ad extensions here at ClickJam but here are our three most favorite:

The first extension we love is the location extension. Now as well as the two description lines you get standard with Google Adwords, you can also display your business name, your telephone number and your address which then will link off to a location pinpoint on a Google Map. This is absolutely fantastic if you’ve got a physical business; you’ve got an actual business with an offline address. It is really suited to those people who are trying to find you on mobile or tablet devices who want your business information really quick.

Checking Promos and Ads in Google with Tablet

The second ad extension we love is site links. With site links you can add up to six links of internal pages of your website. This is great because it helps people get to the information they want faster so perhaps you may want to put on a link to your contact page, your products page, and perhaps your special offers page. These are really great because historically they are proven to increase the click through rate by about 30%.

The third extension we love is product extensions. These are great because they pop up beneath your listing a picture of your product and they’re particularly suited if you’ve got an e-commerce store. You’ve perhaps seen them pop up when you’ve done a product search yourself, right at the top of the results. These are highly effective.

The fantastic thing about ad extensions is they’re really easy to set up and in fact you can use them with your existing text ads. And if you’ve got a campaign which of course you should have because they’re now compulsory you can then determine who sees those ads based on time, location and the type of device that they’re using.

If you’ve not taken advantage of it yet for your campaign, please do get in contact. This has been James Reynolds with another Google Adwords pay per click training. If you found this update useful please use the share buttons found on this page and I’ll see you back here again next week.


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