Working PPC With Your SEO Campaign Can Mean Double The Website Traffic

11/7/2013 with

Not quite sure if you need PPC with your SEO campaign doing so well? Here are five good reasons why having both can land you double the website traffic you currently have.


In This Video:

00:19 – Our SEO Sherpa Clients
01:00 – Reason#1 PPC can enhance SEO
01:41 – Reason#2 You Can Go After More Phrases
02:16 – Reason#3 You Can Target people off of Google
03:05 – Reason#4 Google Adwords is campaign based
03:46 – Reason#5 You Can Retarget site visitors
04:18 – What’s the turnout for our existing clients?
04:44 – So You’ve Got Adwords already?
05:13 – Our Honest Disclosure

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