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13/6/2012 with

With another wave of hooplah from the “IM Guru” set touting internet business consulting as the latest hot business opportunity online, I decided to invite a true internet marketing for small business expert on the podcast; Kyle Tully from Consulting Tycoon. Kyle has coached several hundred students build their own consulting business is an extremely successful consultant himself having been in the game for 14 years. During that time he has achieved some remarkable results for himself and his students. You will hear about those success stories in this podcast as well as a ton of rock solid proven strategies that can help you profit from local business consulting too.

James Reynolds with Kyle Tully

In this podcast James Reynolds and Kyle Tully discuss….

  • How to get clients the easy way
  • The single most important skill you need to succeed in this highly profitable business
  • Kyle’s killer sales script that achieves 80% conversions
  • The high level strategy that turns time for money in to automated income
  • The attributes his best students have that allow them to generate over $100,000….per month!

Kyle is the absolute real deal and in my mind the foremost expert on local business consulting the world over. He has personally helped me develop my own highly profitable consulting business (as a total novice I made 6 figures in 6 months using Kyles strategies)  and has done the same for many others too.


When you join Kyles Consulting Tycoon Program (if you are or are thinking about doing local business consulting I highly recommend you do) and you buy via this link I will include for you an additional 30 minute strategy session with me via skype. We can discuss any aspect of developing a multi 6 figure consulting business, the information I will share with you will be worth many times more than my usual rate of $500 for a 30 minute strategy session.

How to claim your bonus

Once you order via this link, please submit proof of process here and we’ll arrange a convenient time for your call straight away.

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