How To Make Sure You Never Run Short Of Content Ideas

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Ever tried too hard yet still could not come up with content ideas for your site? You just might not be looking at the right place! Sometimes content ideas are in places where we often take for granted.


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00:19 – My Early Morning Reminder
00:31 – Frequently Asked Questions I Encounter
00:42 – My Other Idea Inspirations
00:53 – Where To Find More Ideas
01:21 – The Next Time You Get Asked…

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In this training I’ll show you how you can assure that you never run short of content ideas for your website.

Hi this is James Reynolds and I’ve just finished a morning meeting, I walked back through the gardens here with my cup of coffee in hand, I’ve just been reminded how easy it is to create content that answers your market’s questions and positions you as an authority in your field as long as you keep your eyes and your ears open.

coming up with ideas

I must have been asked five or ten different questions around the services that I offer in this meeting this morning alone- all of which would make great content for my website. But that’s not the only place where you can get ideas. Of course you’ll have your day to day telephone and email exchanges as your customers will be asking you questions but also there’s places like your helpdesk if you have one or further afield you can actually go to the watering holes; perhaps online forums , perhaps there’s a blog in your market where people are posting comments and questions, or maybe even a live meet up or event. These are all places where your market are and they’re asking questions pretty much every single minute around what you do. Each of those questions will make great content so my challenge to you is this, keep your ears and your eyes open and when you next observe a question being asked in your market in the products or services that you offer, make a note of that either in your phone, in a notepad, so that when you create your content plan and next come to create a piece of content of your website, you’ve got a whole list of questions ready to go!

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