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This edition of the reseller news focuses on the website health check options that you have to employ on your clients, prospects and leads and when best to use them to leverage your position. We think this is extremely helpful and hope you find them useful too!


 In this Video:

00:20 – Avail Of The Free Website Analysis
00:55 – Best For Lead Generation
01:37 – How To Request For Your Prospect
01:54 – Website Health Check Report
02:30 – Manual SEO Audit
02:51 – Let Us Create A Strategy For You
03:16 – Now Available: Individual Items

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In this quick update for you as a reseller of our services, I’m going to share with you three reports- one of which you can use for lead generation and two of which you can use for revenue generation for your prospects and customers. I’ll tell you all about those coming right up.

The first of these reports is a web analysis report which is free and you can check it out by clicking on the link above this video if indeed you’re watching this video on

The report will analyze the website for critical things that relate to traffic and SEO and general functionality too. We’ll assess the site’s social media impact, we’ll look at the site speed, and we’ll look at the site’s SEO factors as well as some more general stuff such as navigation and general traffic statistics as well. This report is ideal for lead generation; we’ll put your prospect site through a thorough analysis, we’ll identify the issues with it, and then you can go back to that prospect with the solution to those problems which we of course can deliver for you.

So that you can get a feel for this report, its quality and also how you can use it within the lead generation system for your own business, why not go request one for your own website? All you need to do is click on the link above this video if you’re viewing it on and my team will work up a report for your own website. However, when you come to request a report for a prospect I ask you to do that via, our helpdesk. That will allow my team to brand the report with your logo so it looks like it’s coming from you and of course not from us.

The second report is a website health check. This is a manually created report and currently costs $50 and this will assess your client’s readiness to start SEO. In a lot of instances we take over SEO accounts that had such bad SEO done on them before, we can’t actually help them. So if you have any indication or inkling that your client’s site has perhaps taken some bad SEO practice before, perhaps use some cheap link building services or poor quality SEO providers, this is the report that you need to use.

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The third report is a thorough manual SEO audit. This is where we overhaul every single aspect with a site’s SEO. With this report- we do it by hand, it takes a couple of days, and the report we deliver is thoroughly detailed. That’s going to be ideal for you if you’ve taken on perhaps you’ve taken on a research project and you just want the strategy laid out, or if you have a certain amount of resource in house, again you’re going to want the strategy and your own team will handle the implementation of the recommendations that we make. This report is of course a paid report and if you’re interested in it, please contact me at and I’ll give you all the details.

Finally, I just want to remind you that certain aspects of our packages can now be purchased as individual items. We had such an overwhelming request for individual content pieces such as press releases, articles, and custom videos that we’ve now started offering these to agencies like your own as individual items. If you want details of these and the individual pricing for all of the various elements we can now offer, please get in touch with me again at

Okay, so that’s about it for another reseller news update, if there’s anything at all I can be doing to help your business, please do get in touch. Until next time, this has been James and I’ll see you real soon.

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