The SEO Community Are Up In Arms (Again!)

6/8/2013 with

A Google update is causing quite a stir again amongst the SEO community, and here’s one good reason why we tell you guys not to worry too much.


In this Video:

00:11 – Google’s Recent Link Schemes Update
00:22 – The Update’s Effect to Webmasters
00:30 – Find Out How the SEO Community Responded
00:44 – We Talked About This Before
00:58 – Press Releases Are Still Effective
01:04 – Sharing News Through PRs Can Get Your Message Across

Watch the Previous SEO Update Regarding Press Releases

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The SEO community is up in arms again this week, and I’ll tell you why.

Right! So the big news of the week is that Google have updated their link schemes document, and they are not considering press releases to be bought links, or at least, sponsored advertorials. And as such, as webmasters, we must now assign the no follow attributes to all links placed within press releases.

Rally over Press Release

The SEO community are absolutely up in arms with this because one of the last few legitimate places they can go and get page rank optimized links has been taken away from them. Whoa! I have got news for you. Press releases has the decent amount in page rank in ages. In fact, I reported on this in a news update at least two months ago and I’ll place the link to that video beneath this one.

Should you still be doing press releases? Yes! Of course you should. Because good ranking results from good marketing and if you have news going off of your business then you want to be announcing it to the press. Not only will the press pick it up but people across social media will pick it up and share it with their community and that will get you more exposure and more exposure means better ranking within Google. I’m James Reynolds next week.

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