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22/7/2013 with

Let us all welcome the new umbrella company for both and where you can learn the business tips and tricks James has been employing in his business as well as with our happy clients!


In this Video:

00:14 – Got To a New Site?
00:38 – Why The Change?
01:01 – What Veravo Means
01:22 – New Central Focus For Content
01:49 – Singular Focus For Us and You
02:04 – What Else Has Changed?
02:27 – New Email Notifications
02:36 – Helpdesk is Now Veravo Help
02:49 – Help Us By Giving Your Comments
03:17 – Take Advantage of our New Website Analysis Report

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Right! So we’ve made some changes to how you’d know us from this point forward; in this news update, I’ll tell you what those changes are, why we’ve made them, and what they mean to you.

Okay, so if you’ve landed up on a new website that perhaps you’re not familiar with then you may have a clue as to what that change is. Yes, we’ve got a new brand name and it’s called Veravo. Veravo replaces the previous incarnation which was Incredible Incorporated which was kind of like the umbrella brand which sits on top of our two traffic services, SEO Sherpa and Click Jam. Incredible incorporated as we grew really became disaligned with who we’ve become as an organization and really did not have the message we wanted to put across to our target market. So out of that, Veravo was born. And it’s quite a funny name, it’s not a word that you would recognize, kind of a little made up, but it comes from our own core purpose as an organization which is to create freedom for those people that we serve, our employees and of course our customers and it’s derived from two Latin words, ver which means truly, and volo which means to fly. So it’s a metaphor really for creating freedom for those people that we serve.

In the previous few months you may have noticed we’re putting out more and more content on a week by week basis and really veravo is going to be the central point of focus for all of that content going forward. So everything that you see the pay per click news updates, the seo news updates and the general stuff that we need and want to be communicating with you will be posted to this site.

veravo announcement VERAVO

Veravo really allows us singular focus. Everything that we post will be placed here on so if you want the latest updates and news in the world of seo, pay per click, and general traffic, then this is the place to come.

So we have a new website, what other than that changes? Well, to be honest, not a whole lot. We’re still hugely passionate about creating products that give freedom to our customers so SEO Sherpa will stay the same, Click Jam will stay the same. We just got a new news channel here at

You’ll also get a different email notification, you’ll get emails now from veravo, so look out for little in the little parenthesis veravo, that will be an indication that it’s an update from me. You’ll also see change to the support desk that used to be, it’s now Veravo Help so if you need to lodge a ticket or ask a question, that’s the place to go –

As this is a brand new website, I would love your help. We’re pretty much in beta mode and as a loyal subscriber of ours or a fan of our Facebook page, you’re one of the first people to know about so I’d love your help just to take a look at the site let me know what you think and see if you can find any glitches or errors. I’d love to know about what those are, perhaps post them in the comments below and we’ll make sure they get fixed up pretty smart.

And finally I’d love for you to take advantage of our website analysis report which you can gain access to by following the button link above and we’ll whip up a report, probably it will take us a couple of days on 30 different factors and items that are currently affecting your  traffic. So if you’d love to gain access to one of those reports for your website, just hit the button above, fill out the details from the form and I’ll get my team in to action to swiftly get you a report within the next couple of days.

Welcome to Veravo and I look forward to seeing more of you here real soon!

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