Social Media Jokes

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our social media, which is why jokes at their expense are so irresistible. Irritated by all the food pics on Instagram or the politics of the Facebook like? Then read on for our favourite rib-tickling Traffic Toon social network jokes.

With the popularity of Instagram, a new trend has emerged: food porn! Thousands and thousands of pictures of tantalising-looking meals appear on social media daily, and there can’t be many of us who haven’t paused before the start of a meal to grab the opportunity for a quick photo. But have we seen and heard too much of everyone else’s eating habits?

Now that every post on Facebook is subjected to a like-o-meter so to speak, it’s hard not to notice which of your friends and followers have liked your post and which haven’t. It’s also perhaps a bit too easy to take it too personally when people miss or seemingly don’t appreciate everything you post. Those who show their appreciation in the real world, probably don’t need to do it online too!

Now that some of us choose to detail the ins and outs of our lives on social media, our greatest achievements and (for some) our rock bottom lows, It’s easy to forget that not everybody might be following you are closely or as much as you think! Some of us are definitely guilty of not making sure the people who matter most are kept in the loop.

Made it official? Then is it official on Facebook too? An increasing amount of people now choose Facebook first to share life’s big moments over more traditional ways of spreading the joy. It’s quick, easy and reaches almost everyone. Mobile phones ready at the altar may be a step too far however!

Is there irony in the name ‘social media’? It was created to help us network and keep in touch, an add-on product to real life socialising. But has it actually made some of us anti-social? Facebook says that the average user spends nearly 2 hours a week on the site! If we used to spend 2 hours talking and having fun with our friends and family, perhaps we need to readdress the balance?

Life or death? There’s a whole lot of pressure to like things on Facebook these days! Often there’s an incentive to like a page, the opportunity to win something or claim a discount, but sometimes it can get a bit too much. Who hasn’t seen a post that is just a little pushy?

How much and how often to do we measure our lives by Facebook likes? As daft as it seems, most of us probably take far too much notice of how many likes our posts get. If something made us happy, should we care if it makes our Facebook friends hit the like button or not?

We’ve loved poking fun at social media on Traffic Toons with our social networking jokes so far. But we know there’ll be so many more jokes to come along with the next trend, or the next everybody’s-new-favorite social network, so make sure you return to Traffic Toons for more fun.