Traffictoon#68 – How to (Not) Create an Online Blog

7/5/2015 with

Unlike formal writing, you can express yourself freely by create an online blog without having to worryabout certain rules in writing. You can use a more personal tone which actually connects with your readers on a deeper emotional level. Moreover, your ideas flow more fluidly when you don’t think about limitations. With such approach, you […]

Traffictoon#53 – How to Start Blogging So You Needn’t Ever Speak To Your Family Again

20/11/2014 with

There’s been a real communication shift between friends and family separated by miles over the past decade or so. Keeping in touch now means less and less voice-to-voice contact, and more and more online conversation through social media, etc. In some cases though, people look to start blogging keep friends and family up-to-date with their […]