New Conversion Import Uncovers High Profit Keywords For Offline Businesses

12/9/2013 with

There has been very limited resource in tracking offline conversions that stemmed from Adwords. Until recently, the process is so complicated it would require almost super power skills to do it. There is an exciting import that lets you gather this info at an easier way.   Click HERE to download the MP3 and full […]

Google Adwords + Google Analytics Equals Better Business Decisions

31/7/2013 with

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to knowing what your website visitors are doing when they visit your site. There is one neat trick that allows you to know exactly what happens.   In this Video: 00:15 – Google Adwords Front End Data 00:36 – Great Backend Data Too! 00:52 – What Happens […]

This Is Veravo

22/7/2013 with

Let us all welcome the new umbrella company for both and where you can learn the business tips and tricks James has been employing in his business as well as with our happy clients!   In this Video: 00:14 – Got To a New Site? 00:38 – Why The Change? 01:01 – What […]

Working PPC With Your SEO Campaign Can Mean Double The Website Traffic

11/7/2013 with

Not quite sure if you need PPC with your SEO campaign doing so well? Here are five good reasons why having both can land you double the website traffic you currently have.   In This Video: 00:19 – Our SEO Sherpa Clients 01:00 – Reason#1 PPC can enhance SEO 01:41 – Reason#2 You Can Go […]