TJ37 – Content: Distribution To Shock With Chad Pollitt

21/5/2014 with

From owned media to earned media, from distribution to “shock” Traffic Jam 37 is packed full of all things content. Joining James on this week’s episode is inbound marketing specialist Chad Pollitt from content promotion agency Digital Relevance. We discuss how to avoid content shock and where it’s problem really lies, how to get your content […]

TJ25 – Blogging His Way To 4 Million Page Views: Social Media Power Influencer – Jeff Bullas

16/12/2013 with

Self confessed accidental blogger, Jeff Bullas has stumbled upon a formula for driving traffic that utilises only free social media platforms yet delivers in the region of 4 million page views per year to his highly regarded website Jeff Bullas is the number 11 Social Media Power Influencer on the planet according to, […]

Crafting Your User’s Journey

14/10/2013 with

More than just making sure your landing page and your links are relevant, you also want to make your website visitor’s journey relevant. This means making his browsing experience in your site something where he can take something out of it so he eventually becomes a customer.   In this Video: 00:12 – One Word […]

Hummingbird: What Has Changed And How It Affects You

9/10/2013 with

Dubbed by Amit Singhal as the biggest algorithm update since he joined Google in 2001, the Hummingbird is out, and here’s what it means for everyone.   In this Video: 00:12 – Google’s Birthday Update 00:28 – Biggest One Yet As Dubbed By Amit Singhal 00:50 – How Does It Compare With Panda and  Penguin? […]

Ever Wonder What’s In It For Us By Posting SEO News Regularly?

30/6/2013 with

There is a reason why we add SEO News to our site on a regular schedule, and it is more than just to provide you with new tips. Find out why fresh is best also refers to website content here.   In This Video: 00:08 – The Mistake Almost Everyone Makes with SEO 00:42 – […]