Track Long Term Conversions With This New Adwords Addition

26/9/2013 with

Not all clicks on your ads results in a conversion right away, especially if the product that you sell is quite pricey and would require a good amount of thinking before shelling out some cash. Here’s an effective way to track leads longer.   Click HERE to download the MP3 and full PDF transcript In […]

September 22, 2013 – Week 39 Summary

22/9/2013 with

This week has been an action-packed week involving cowboys, redesign, congestion and content marketing strategies. Yet the most exciting post that we have is fact that we are giving away an SEO Package. SEO Sherpa is giving away a three month SEO package valued at 2,400 USD as our way of giving back after we’ve […]

New Conversion Import Uncovers High Profit Keywords For Offline Businesses

12/9/2013 with

There has been very limited resource in tracking offline conversions that stemmed from Adwords. Until recently, the process is so complicated it would require almost super power skills to do it. There is an exciting import that lets you gather this info at an easier way.   Click HERE to download the MP3 and full […]

The Need For Speed: Faster Websites Rank Higher

2/9/2013 with

You most definitely do not want to be waiting on a site that takes forever to load. Google thinks so too, which is why page load speed is being factored in when ranking is decided on.   Click HERE to download the MP3 and full PDF transcript In this Video: 00:13 – Can Page Load […]

TJ14 – Traffic and Conversion Lessons From A $570,000, 37 Minute Launch With Brent Hodgson

4/8/2013 with

This weeks guest is a well rounded marketer with expertise in traffic, conversions, copywriting and more. He is a co-founder of the Market Samurai (keyword research software) and the man behind the Zen Tester conversion testing platform. Brent’s versatile skill set helped him pull off a remarkable launch that pulled in $570,000 in 37 minutes and […]