How Well Do You Know Your Marketing Numbers?

5/11/2013 with

Not knowing your marketing numbers really well may often mean losing money down in to the drain. All the efforts that you put in your marketing strategy will prove worthless if you do not know what is the outcome you get and if you have the right balance of things. So you get a clear […]

Traffictoon #2 – Conversion Rate Optimisation

30/8/2013 with

Conversion Rate Optimisation

This is number 2 in our new Traffictoon series which takes a humorous look at SEO, PPC, Social Media and other online stuff.

Kiss Goodbye To Lacklustre Advertising With My Top Five Tips For Better Adwords Ads

7/8/2013 with

Have that one stand out ad that just gets all the clicks and conversions. With these five neat tips, you can have a higher resulting ad that no one can resist too! In this Video: 00:13 – Tip#1 – Be Unique 00:34 – Tip#2 – Include a Strong Call to Action 00:47 – Tip#3 – […]