TJ66 – How to Guest Post to Other Peoples Audiences to Grow Your Influence and Following with Tommy Walker

10/3/2015 with

Building your brand and authority does not always have to mean planting the seeds in your own backyard. Whilst I advocate nurturing your own garden first, if you want to harvest a larger crop you’ll need to sew your seeds elsewhere too. To grow a larger audience, you’ll have to go beyond your own audience and […]

TJ61 – Content Syndication Strategy: How To Leverage Owned Media For Wider Reach and Authority ~ Brian Honigman

13/1/2015 with

Content Syndication is a term that heralds from broadcast television, and is the reason why shows like Seinfeld and Friends gained such wide exposure. In the same way that television networks licence their shows to other providers, you can licence your own website content to other publishers in order to increase your audience share. But […]

TJ48 – How to Guest Blog Effectively Using the Expanded Guest Post Formula ~ Bryan Harris

30/9/2014 with

Getting your content in front of other people’s audiences by guest blogging is a killer strategy without doubt.  Appear on the right blog and you’ll get more visibility and the potential for more targeted traffic and leads. But the problem is, most people don’t know how to guest blog effectively. The traditional guest blog post (that most people write) […]

TJ29 – Content and Branding Tips To Help You Stand Out Online with Mars Dorian

1/3/2014 with

In the ocean of online content, unless you can stand up and stand out, your content will almost always fall on blind eyes. In this episode Mars Dorian the branding and all round creative whizz kid reveals how you can get noticed online even in the most crowded of markets. Mars (but from Earth) has got himself […]

Google’s Number 1 Ranking Factor Disclosed?

19/8/2013 with

In a recent interview, Matt Cutts has revealed the factors that affect ranking in Google. It’s quite a long interview, so we’ve narrowed it down and summarized it for you.   In this Video: 00:16 – Matt Cutts Interview at 00:36 – Focus#1  Start With Your Website 00:54 – Focus#2 Build Your Authority 01:16 […]