5 Design Features Every High Converting Landing Page Needs

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If you want a higher converting ads then you might want to look at where you send your prospects and how your landing page looks. Here are five design features that will help you get the conversion you want.


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In This Video:

00:12 – Are You Looking To Hire A Traffic Agency?
00:27 – Know What Design Elements Work For Most  Traffic
00:29 – Don’t Send All Traffic To Your Home Page
00:51 – These Design Elements Are True For Most Landing Pages
01:10 – #1 Have Strong Design and Branding
01:25 – Get Your Logo and Brand There
01:36 – #2 Make The Landing Page And Ad Look The Same
02:06 – What Happens When They’re Different
02:16 – #3 Have A Visual Representation
03:03 – How To Represent A Service
03:19 – #4 Trust Marks
03:52 – #5 Have A Call To Action
04:21 – Download The Consumer Guide

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In this video, I am going to reveal to you website design elements that will help you convert more leads and more sales from your website traffic.

Perhaps you’re considering working with a traffic agency to get more visitors to your website, perhaps a Google Adwords agency such as our own for instance. What sort of design elements in play do you need in your website to make the most of that traffic?

The first distinction I want to make here is don’t make the mistake of sending all of that traffic to the homepage of your website. It is very, very likely that the message up there in your homepage isn’t relevant to the ad or particular traffic source that brought that visitor there. I’m not going to talk about messaging in this video; I’ll save that for a future update.

Today though I want to talk about the design elements that are true to most landing pages that will help convert more of that website traffic in to leads and sales for your business. The first design element to a strong landing page that is going to convert more is strong design and branding, and that’s because most people judge a book by its cover. If you invest more in design and you have a really good looking landing page people will trust your website more. If you are in the B2B market you have to go a little bit further and ensure you have your logo present as well. a strong brand represented up there with your logo, just small, in the top left corner will add trust to your website and it will help convert more visitors in to leads or sales.

The second element to a high converting landing page is a look and feel that matches the source of traffic that brought that visitor to your website. So put in another way, you want your ads to match your landing page and vice versa. As you can see in this example, the look and feel for both the ad and the landing page is almost identical and that’s going to ensure that when people click on that ad they find what they are expecting to find on the website. If you have a landing page that looks totally different to the ad that brought that visitor there in the first place it’s likely to cause that visitor to bounce away from your site.

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The third design element is having a visual representation of the thing that they are going to get when they take the action that you want them to take on your landing page. In this particular example, I have created a picture f the consumer guide that my visitor will get when they opt in to my email list. In truth, I actually don’t give a physical version of the guide; I actually just give a PDF version via their email. But by just having a picture of what it might look like really does help conversions because people trust a lot more what they can actually see. In your particular scenario, you might perhaps be offering a product which is very easy to represent. Or you may be offering something a little less tangible like a consultation or a home visit. In those particular scenarios you might want to include a photograph with you sitting with or talking with that customer just so they can visualize in their minds what they are going to get when they take that action.

The fourth design element are trust marks. This really helps reduce risks in the mind of the visitor and help them to understand that they’re not the only person to be or having used your service in the past. This can be represented in the form of customer logos; have up there the logos of people you have worked with, or you can do it in the form of testimonials. Those you might put up there in quote marks by making them really visual, putting the customer’s name there and their company. And better still, their logo and even their photograph just to ensure that people can see that they’re genuine and real.

The fifth design element which is perhaps the most important is the call to action. In this example we’ve got a call to action button for people to opt in to receive the consumer guide. What you’ll notice here is that button is bright, it stands out, and you’re visually drawn to it on the page. That’s that outcome that you want too. Make it clearly obvious what action you want your visitor to take when they visit that website page. If you’d like to see the example landing page that I featured in this video, you can see that by clicking on the link beneath this video and of course if you’re in to SEO you may want to download that consumer guide, in which case, feel free to do so.

I hope you found these design tips useful for getting out of the most traffic to your website. If you’re ready to give your website traffic a boost, please get in touch by hitting me an email or get in touch via If you have any questions or comments, please post them beneath this video, and I look forward to catching you back here on another update real soon.

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