How To Decide The Right Budget For Your Adwords Campaign

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Having too little budget for your Adwords campaign may affect your outcome, as such having too much budget. It is essential to have the right budget for your campaign to support the outcome you want. Here’s how:



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In this Video:

00:13 – Set Monthly/ Daily Ad Budget
00:18 – Use Your Marketing Budget
00:33 – Starting Budget
00:43 – Maximize Budget
00:58 – Exceed Budget Allowed
01:15 – Advice From Accounts Manager
01:39 – Adapt to Your Marketing Goals

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Getting started with Google Adwords? Here’s how to set the right budget for your campaign.

One of the most important decisions when getting started out with Google is setting your daily or monthly ad budget but how do you go about it? Well you could start by using your marketing budget for the month and then dividing that by 30.4, the average number of days within a month to get your daily ad budget. Alternatively, you can just start with a budget you feel comfortable with. I’d recommend starting somewhere between $10 – $50. That’s a pretty good place to start and then monitor it from there.

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The team at Click Jam will then set your campaign to run and then they’ll identify ways to maximize your budget through effective bid management, keyword targeting and then A-B split testing your ads. You should know Google can actually allow you to exceed your daily budget by 20% however they’ll never charge you more than your daily budget multiplied by the number of days within the month, i.e. 30.4.

Within a week or two of your campaign starting or faster if you assign a larger budget, your campaign manager will advise you whether you should increase your budget or decrease your budget and exactly how that will affect the amount of clicks coming to your website and potential leads you can garner from your campaign.

With our advice, you can then set and adjust your budget to adapt to your marketing goals. If you are ready to use Google Adwords to market your business, please get in touch with me or my team at I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, please post your comments wherever you find this post.

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