New Adwords Mobile Ad Format Will Affect Your CTR

18/9/2013 with

We’ve spotted a new mobile ad format being tested out by Google and we think it will have a big impact on Click-Through-Rate (CTR). It seems however that it’s only a small test group, so we think you should know about it too.


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 In This Video:

00:12 – Now Testing At Google: New Mobile Ads
00:19 – Here Comes The Yellow Ad Label
00:34 – Both Organic and Paid Ads Have White Background
00:47 – This Appears To Be A Small Test Group
01:07 – We Hope It Gets Rolled Out
01:34 – Are You Seeing The Ad?

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In this brand new Adwords news video, I report on a brand new mobile ad format being tested by Google right now.

It appears that Google are testing a brand new look and feel of mobile ads. In this new test, a yellow ad label replaces the rather inconspicuous ad text which currently appears next to the i icon in the top right hand corner of all ads, and now this new test, both the organic listings and the ads both appear in a white box in a grey background whereas currently ads appear in the yellow shaded box, and organic listings appear in a white box.

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Currently as it seems, this is just a small test, probably defined to a small part of the internet. At least when I checked on my mobile phone I am not seeing this new format yet and I have checked multiple extensions; .com, and .ae for where I am here in Dubai.

Should this test be rolled out to the entire internet, I really will be interested to see how this new ad formats affect click through rate. Because effectively the new ad format blends the organic listing and the ad very much together so they look really similar. I’m sure that’s going to have a massive impact on both the click through rate for organic listings and for those ads. So it really will be an interesting test if it does get taken further.

I’d like to know whether you are seeing the ads, please comment below and also what you think about them. Is this a good move by Google? Post your comments beneath this video.

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