New Adwords Report Released And Why I’m Excited

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In the recent video training, we’ve tackled the advantages of pairing your SEO efforts with Adwords and we mentioned the advantages of doing so. Now, it seems Google is also thinking about this as they launch a tool that will allow you to view your campaign performance for both.


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00:34 – Increase in clicks
00:45 – Google Announced new reporting
01:04 – Find Additional Keywords
01:26 – Holistic Report
01:46 – Getting Started

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Have you ever been frustrated that you could only see your Adwords keyword report and your SEO keyword report separately? Well, I reveal how you can now see your entire search engine footprint right together within one dashboard.

In a recent video training which I will of course link to from beneath this video on, I reveal 5 major reasons why your results will compound when you use SEO and Adwords together in unison. Right on the top of that list was the increase of clicks you achieve when you have two results on the search results page, i.e a Google adwords ad and an organic SEO listing.

Until now, it wasn’t easy to determine the degree of impact on individual phrases. However, just in the last few days Google have announced a paid and organic report which allows you to analyze and internalize your entire search engine footprint.

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This report allows you to compare performance when either you have an ad, an organic listing, or you have both together. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to find additional keywords for your adwords campaign.  See where you’re doing well with organic listings and then add in an adwords ad to increase your click through rate.

It’s also great because it gives you more of a holistic report so you can see how SEO and PPC work together. When you do have these both working together in unison your results can just compound by increases of 20% or more on your click through rate.

So how do you get started? You simply link your adwords account to your Google Webmaster tools account and then you’re ready to go. I hope you found this tip useful. If you’ve enjoyed the video, please leave me a comment beneath the video wherever you find it, and I look forward to seeing you on another training real soon!

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