New Conversion Import Uncovers High Profit Keywords For Offline Businesses

12/9/2013 with

There has been very limited resource in tracking offline conversions that stemmed from Adwords. Until recently, the process is so complicated it would require almost super power skills to do it. There is an exciting import that lets you gather this info at an easier way.


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In this Video:
00:18 – Offline Sales Process
00:30 – Tracking Done Before
01:01 – Easier Tracking Now
01:17 – Unique Click ID
01:52 – Complete Adword Report
02:19 – Why Is This Important?

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Do you conduct your sales face to face or on the phone? Today I’ll tell you about an Adwords innovation that will allow you to identify which keyword searches are generating profit for your business.

If your business is like mine or like that of many of my customers you probably have to some degree an offline sales process – perhaps you convert leads over the telephone or face to face in person. Until now, tracking conversions from your Google  Adwords ads was very, very difficult.  You have to use this kind of clunky process of adding URL extensions to your ads so that the information from the ad was then passed in to your CRM and you can then track which particular leads came from which particular search. It was a long winded process, something quite difficult to set up, and only really some that real experts and fanatics of Adwords would go to the extent of actually doing.

Now tracking that conversion in person or through telephone right back to the original keyword search that someone did with Google got a lot, lot easier with Google Conversion Import.

Here’s how it works:

Now when someone clicks on your ad, Google generates a unique click ID, when that person then goes to your website and fills out a contact request form or whatever other form that you have on your site, that click ID is then passed on to your CRM or your database. Your sales person then follow that person up, and when that person then converts in to a sale, perhaps when you ship the product or they come in to the business to sign a contract, you can mark that person as a sale within your CRM.

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Next, you upload that unique ID, the date of conversion and the conversion type right up to Google Adwords and then Adwords will give you a complete full picture of not only which keyword searches are delivering you traffic, which are delivering you leads, i.e. contacts on your request form, but which actual keyword searches are resulting in sales and profit for your business.

So why is this important? Up until now it was only really easy to see which keyword searches resulted in leads for your business. Those people that were filling in contact request forms. However with this new conversion tracking upload, you can now see which keyword searches not only deliver you leads but also deliver you sales and you get a much better indication as to which keyword searches are driving profit within your business. And of course if you’re in business the ultimate goal is profit.

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