Sex Party All Out Of Love With Google

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Last year the Australian Sex Party had their ads banned temporarily by Facebook, this week in the lead up to the Australian federal election on September 7th Google has rejected several AdWords advertisements related to the party’s position on voluntary euthanasia and the legalization of marijuana. One Ad rejected by google read;-

“Sex Party. Regulate and Tax Marijuana. Your Life, Your Choice”

PPC_Sex party campaign banned VERAVO

With the party having budgeted up to $50,000 for online election based advertising, most of which had been assigned to Google, the party’s election campaign seems to be shagged!

President of the Australian Sex Party Fiona Patten has requested Google to conduct a manual review of the ads. Patten commented even if the advertisements are approved, the Sex Party has lost out on several days of exposure immediately prior to the election. Even if Google spends 24 hours reviewing an advertisement, “you’re losing a considerable amount of time,” she said.

Here are my quickie (excuse the pun) takeaways…..

  1. When you play on someone else’s playground you gotta play by their rules. Google have advertising policies and if you want to advertise on Google those are the policies you gotta play by.
  2. A multi-channeled approach to marketing is best. When you are too reliant on one source of traffic you might just get F****d!



So what do you think about the Australian Sex Party’s Advertising. Should Google turn back their decision and allow the ads to be displayed? Let’s discuss…..

Comment below 🙂


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