Track Long Term Conversions With This New Adwords Addition

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Not all clicks on your ads results in a conversion right away, especially if the product that you sell is quite pricey and would require a good amount of thinking before shelling out some cash. Here’s an effective way to track leads longer.


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00:08 – Google’s Recent Update
00:27 – Tracking Was 30 Days Only
00:52 – Some Prospects Do Not Convert Right Away
01:03 – New Tool Now Has Ability to Track Up to 90 Days
01:11 – You Get More Accurate Conversion Numbers
01:20 – How Does This Benefit You?
01:42 – It Also Shows The Most Effective Keywords
02:03 – This Is How You Set It Up
02:16 – A Very Important Number
02:27 – An Example for You

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Google Adwords have announced another new feature and I’ll tell you all about it within this video.

Following the addition of the conversion import feature a couple of weeks ago, Google Adwords have added another excellent feature which is especially useful if you’ve got a long buying cycle. Now that feature is called customized conversion windows.

Until now, you could only see clicks which resulted in conversions if that conversion happened within 30 days of the click. Meaning if someone clicked on your Google ad and then converted perhaps 31, 40 or even 50 days after that original click, you would not see that conversion originating to Google Adwords.

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If you sell expensive items perhaps expensive electronic goods, laptops, stereos and these types of things where people take a lot of time to research their buying decision, this really wasn’t useful. However with this new addition, you can now set that conversion window to anything between 7-90 days ; this means that you can now measure accurately conversions coming from Google Adwords when they take longer to happen.

So what are some of the benefits? First of all, you get a better picture of your advertising, also, you get a better idea of lifetime customer value meaning if you have customers who make multiple purchases within the 90 day period, you’d be able to originate those purchases back to the original click.

Also, you’ll know better which keywords bring people to your website even if that conversion happens 60 or even 90 days after they click on your ad. We are now setting this up for customers of ClickJam and it’s pretty easy to do. It’s within the conversions tab under tools and analysis within your Adwords account. When you go to set this up, you’ll actually be shown the average number of days it takes people to convert after first clicking on your advert.

This number is extremely useful because if you want to be filling up your books and making sales at a certain date ahead, you’ll know exactly when you need to start advertising. As an example, if you need to make sales 35 days ahead and it takes on average 45 days for people to convert after first seeing your advert then you need to start advertising within the next ten days to fill up for that particular time frame.

I hope you found this Google Adwords training useful, please post your comments beneath the video wherever you find it. I’ll be back with another update real soon.

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