How Well Do You Know Your Marketing Numbers?

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Not knowing your marketing numbers really well may often mean losing money down in to the drain. All the efforts that you put in your marketing strategy will prove worthless if you do not know what is the outcome you get and if you have the right balance of things. So you get a clear picture, here’s a few things you should know about.



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00:07 – Know Your Marketing Numbers By Heart?
00:32 – If You Said No, Your Losing This
01:04 – #1 Install The Google Analytics Conversion Goal
01:21 – #2 Find The Channel With Poor Return And Do This
01:36 – #3 Find The Channel with Good ROI And Do This
01:46 – This Will Make A Huge Impact On Your Business

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Hi this is James Reynolds and I’ve got a question for you.

Okay, so I’ve got a question for you. Do you know your marketing numbers? – I mean really know your marketing numbers? Could you tell me how much traffic comes from your website through Twitter versus Facebook versus Google Adwords versus SEO? And could you tell me what percentage of that traffic converts in to either leads or sales?

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If you answered no to any of these questions, then you’re probably wasting money – a lot of money. I can assure you, unless you know these numbers accurately then you’re pouring dollars upon dollars down the drain by pursuing traffic channels that are probably costing you more than the return that you get in sales. Perhaps you are spending most of your marketing dollars on a social media agency when in fact you should be increasing your spend with search marketing or even vice versa.

So my challenge to you is this- if you’ve not done so already, set up Google Analytics conversion goals so that you can see a report like this that will tell you how much traffic you get for each individual channel and how much of that traffic converts in to leads or sales. Secondly, identify one traffic channel that is giving you a poor return on investment so that you can minimize your spending there to a profitable level or perhaps even stop it completely. Thirdly, identify one traffic channel that is giving you a really good return on investment so you can go out and do more of it.

I promise you, with these three simple steps, this will have a huge impact on your business in the next thirty days. Please post your comments below and tell me what you’ve been able to uncover with this exercise and if you’ve been able to identify how much money this is saving or gaining you, I’d love to know that information too! And remember, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please share it amongst your social network, I’m sure they’re going to appreciate the impact that they’ll have on their business as well.  This has been James Reynolds from and I’ll see you here back again real soon!

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