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In the world of PPC, there is no such thing as being too busy you have no time to work on improvements. Even two minutes off your time can mean a whole lot, and here are some tips on how you can make those two minutes count.


In this Video:

00:17 – Topic for Today
00:33 – #1 Site Links on Ad Extensions
00:50 – #2 Limited Budget?
01:04 – #3 Remarketing Code
01:36 – Let Us Help!

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Perhaps your energy is a little bit low right now; if you’re in Australia, it’s the middle of winter, if you’re Muslim, you’ve just come out of Ramadan, you have not have a whole lot of time and energy in fixing up your adwords campaign so in today’s video I’ve got three fast acting tips that you can implement in less than two minutes that will get you almost immediate results.

Okay, so I also want to deliver these action items to you in less than two minutes so let’s get stuck right in. First action item for you is to add site link add extensions to your ads and allow searchers to access the page that they want on your website faster. It’s free to set up and will increase the amount of clicks that you will get in your website.

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Second action item is get rid of the limited by budget sign within your Adwords account because if that sign is showing you’re missing opportunities and you need to add budget to some campaigns.

The third of three action items is for you to go and add the Google Remarketing code to your website. I’m not actually suggesting you set up the campaigns just yet but go add the code to your website and start building a remarketing list so at the end of the year when you need to boost sales for Christmas, you’ve got a whole bank of people stored within your remarketing list that you can access right away.

There you go, three quick and simple, easy to implement and fast acting tips to enhance your Adwords campaign. I do realize while they are quick and easy, sometimes it is better to get someone to do it for you.  For a complete done for you Adwords management service, please get in touch with me at

This has been James Reynolds for another Google Adwords pay per click news, I’ll catch you back here again real soon!

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