Traffictoon#64 – Soap Opera Digest: Facebook’s Got One Running Every Minute!

12/3/2015 with

Soap Opera Digest Facebook

Many of us are gripped by a favourite soap opera. We love how the characters share the ups and downs of their lives with us, and that we get to see every dramatic detail played out. Hang on though… doesn’t that describe Facebook too?

Almost like a real life soap opera digest, Facebook has allowed us to watch the lives of our ‘friends’ in much detail from the comfort of our sofas. The important difference being that instead of fictional characters, these are actual people, probably with a real life connection to ourselves.

Births, marriages and deaths, love stories and fallings out; they all feature in our news feeds pretty much every day, and sometimes it can really feel as much like a soap opera as real life, bringing laughter and tears in equal measure.

Are there times when your news feed has seemed like a soap opera digest? Facebook has definitely featured plenty of drama for most of us!  

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