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TJ54 – Facebook Targeted Ads Tricks That Deliver Leads For Less Than $1.00 ~ Laura Betterly

18/11/2014 with

Laura Betterly with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

With over 1 billion users worldwide and relatively low ad costs, Facebook is easily the fastest way to reach a large target audience online without burning though bags of cash. But as with any other advertising platform over the internet, CPCs rise, algorithms get updated and targeting strategies need to change. Get up to date with […]

Traffictoon#52 – Google Answers to Questions Your Guru Won’t Answer

13/11/2014 with

Google Answers Atop a Mountain

Knowledge can be instantaneous these days; the Google answers to questions appear in double-quick time after just a few brief taps of the keyboard. Many of us don’t think twice about typing all life’s queries, big and small, into a search engine. Googling is so easy and instantaneous, that it almost seems like finding alternative […]

Traffictoon#51 – How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

6/11/2014 with

how to handle negative comments on social media

These days, every business needs to learn how to handle negative comments on social media. We all appreciate the opportunities social media posts have opened for interacting with our customers and reaching out to new ones. However, the flip side of this is that a disgruntled customer’s (or even ex-employee’s!) complaints can become very public, […]

TJ53 – How To Learn Copywriting by Selling Rave Lights and Partying All Night ~ Neville Medhora

4/11/2014 with

Neville Medhora with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

As Neville Medhora discovered in a drunken blur one night pushing rave lights, getting your email list to buy your stuff requires more than just selling. You need to find the right way to get them to open your emails, read what you have to say, and decide they need your product to make their […]

Traffictoon#50 – Get Directions: Google Map Knows Exactly Where You Are!

30/10/2014 with

google map search

If you’ve ever searched for a location or asked  to get directions on Google map, you’ll know that it can pinpoint a location very accurately; a bit too accurately in this case! With each search, there’s a wealth of information: satellite images, locations photos and often the infamous Street View. This feature has continually attracted […]