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TJ62 – How to Do Blogging That Generates Over 300,000 Social Shares and 150,000 Google Search Clicks Each Month ~ Kristi Hines

20/1/2015 with

Kristi Hines with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the internet which makes standing out in the blogosphere hard. With an ever increasing number of bloggers vying for consumers attention, what does it take to stand out above the crowd and be heard? Kristi Hines seems to know how, but then again she should. Aside from her […]

Traffictoon#59 – When Stalking Online Catches You Unaware

16/1/2015 with

Stalking online

In the age of social media, we all put a lot of personal info on the internet; our holiday snaps on Instagram, our career details on LinkedIn, our weekend antics on Facebook and our opinions on Twitter. For some of us, every aspect of our lives can be found on one or more of these […]

TJ61 – Content Syndication Strategy: How To Leverage Owned Media For Wider Reach and Authority ~ Brian Honigman

13/1/2015 with

Brian Honigman with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Content Syndication is a term that heralds from broadcast television, and is the reason why shows like Seinfeld and Friends gained such wide exposure. In the same way that television networks licence their shows to other providers, you can licence your own website content to other publishers in order to increase your audience share. But […]

Traffictoon#58 – How to Get Hits on Your Website

9/1/2015 with

Website Hits

How many hits has your website had lately? Nope, luckily, we are not talking about actually having some kind of bat and hitting a computer. This is the good kind of “hit”. Do you know exactly how to get hits on your website? This simply means the amount of traffic or visitors your website is […]

TJ60 – Media Buying 101: How To Maximise Your ROI From Paid Traffic with Charles Kirkland

7/1/2015 with

Charles Kirkland with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Since banner ads are largely ignored by consumers, you might assume that you, the marketer, should ignore them too. Whilst this is largely true, due to developments in technology giving us better insights in to our audience and more precise ways to target them, online ads in the right hands are perhaps more effective than ever before. […]