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TJ71 – Co-Authored Content: 40,000 Words That Established A Personal Brand ~ Aaron Agius

23/6/2015 with

Aaron Agius with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Conventional thinking would dictate that you should get full credit for a 40,000 word blog post when you wrote it. You write, you get the reward. This was not (entirely) the case for Aaron Agius however when he wrote tens of thousands of words for His name didn’t appear as the author, and he […]

Traffictoon#68 – How to (Not) Create an Online Blog

7/5/2015 with

create an online blog

Unlike formal writing, you can express yourself freely by create an online blog without having to worryabout certain rules in writing. You can use a more personal tone which actually connects with your readers on a deeper emotional level. Moreover, your ideas flow more fluidly when you don’t think about limitations. With such approach, you […]

TJ70 – Alternative Marketing: Strategies For Winning Traffic From Unconventional Sources ~ Greg Cesar

5/5/2015 with

Greg Cesar with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

As the big platforms like Facebook and Google become increasingly accessible, (and therefore crowded) main stream marketing approaches are offering diminishing returns. Higher CPC’s, lower CTR’s and increasing noise are forcing the question; where else? In this episode we are looking at alternative marketing strategies and how to win traffic from unconventional sources. Greg Cesar […]

Traffictoon#67 – How to Increase Internet Bandwidth- The Truth Behind Slow Connections

22/4/2015 with


With the internet being a part of everybody’s everyday life, it does not come as a surprise that we are all competing for bandwidth especially if there are too many people using the net at once. How to increase internet bandwidth aside from robbing your family member of it like the illustration? There are some […]

TJ69 – Content Strategy: Marketing Your Business With Content People Care About and Trust ~ Dan Norris

21/4/2015 with

Dan Norris with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

We all know that honesty is the best policy, yet few adopt that policy like Dan Norris. Dan, most well-known as a no B.S. content marketer and the founder of WP Curve understands that in the crowded world of content marketing you need a differentiator to raise you up above the noise. There are over […]