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TJ57 – How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog And Convert More Of It To Sales ~ Yaro Starak

9/12/2014 with

Yaro Starak with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Severing all ties to your desk so you can work at any time from anywhere, ‘working’ the 4 hour work week, earning income passively around the clock, having money work for you instead of you working for money – the idea of lifestyle entrepreneurship is aspirational to most. But what does it take to live […]

Traffictoon#55 – Bing vs Google Test

6/12/2014 with

bing vs google test result

Google is the hands-down leader of the search engines. It’s reputation and popularity far exceed any of its rivals, so much so that some might think that it’s a waste of time trying to compete. Bing is currently Google’s closest rival, but still only has a comparatively tiny share of searches worldwide, often reported as […]

TJ56 – Marketing Funnels: How To Engineer A Convert Like Crazy Sales Sequence With Todd Brown

2/12/2014 with

Todd Brown with James   Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Make your marketing so effective that “selling” is no longer necessary – this is what well-crafted marketing funnels can do for your business. When you have an effective step-by-step process that moves your prospects smoothly from new enquirer to satisfied customer, you will make more money, with less stress. But, the thought of building an […]

Traffictoon#54 – How To Use Facebook For Beginners

28/11/2014 with

How To Use Facebook For Beginners

This guy needs a lesson in how to use Facebook for beginners! Instead of posting on Facebook, he is posting his info all over his garden fence. In many ways, however, Facebook is just the same- a way of sharing your news, favourite photos and anything else you wish with the world. It can seem […]