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Traffictoon#63 – Better Chat on Twitter – Character Counting Conversations

13/2/2015 with

twitter character count

Have you ever gone out with someone who just wouldn’t know when to stop talking? And just like this man on the picture, did you wish that the conversation would have a limit that is the same as the twitter character count which is 140? Are people so used to being alone and used to […]

TJ65 – How to Use LinkedIn Pulse to Grow Your Reach and Authority with Sarah Santacroce

11/2/2015 with

Sarah Santacroce with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

No longer is having a profile in LinkedIn enough to get you ahead. LinkedIn has changed and those riding the wave of change on the newest social-media content platform are those that are winning with bigger reach and authority. The recent change on LinkedIn is the addition of LinkedIn Pulse, a blog style portal on for professional […]

Traffictoon#62 – Mailbox’s Empty But You Have Got a Mail?

7/2/2015 with

You've got mail

When you see or hear the words you have got a mail, do you assume it has come through the post or that it’s in your email inbox? So many words we use to describe the transactions we do online were originally, and still are, used to describe our more traditional way of sending information- […]

TJ64 – Video, Social and Banner Retargeting: Your Second Chance To Win Over Your Audience with Chris Evans

3/2/2015 with

Chris Evans with James Reynolds on Traffic Jam

Anyone in their right mind will grab a good second chance when it’s presented to them, an opportunity to redeem themselves if they missed out the first time round. This is never more prevalent than in marketing – direct mail, email follow up and now retargeting provide us marketers with second chance to persuade our […]

Traffictoon#61 – I Open Pinterest and Check E-mails, Suddenly It’s Lunchtime!

30/1/2015 with

check emails and open pinterest

The internet is full of diversions and social media is now the biggest distraction, taking up more of our time on the internet than anything else apparently. The list of popular social networks is still growing and many people are spending literally hours of their day checking through their various accounts. To make matters worse, […]