Marketing Podcast Archive

24/2/2014 with

With great content, good posts never go old! We’ve scanned through podcasts some done 3 years ago and we realized the topic is just as good and important today as it was during the time it was done so we’ve listed them down for you here so it is a lot easier to review and […]

Traffictoon#14 – Email Marketing Gone Bad

22/11/2013 with

The Traffictoon series takes a humorous look at SEO, PPC, Social Media and other online stuff. Find more Traffictoons like this here! Please like and share and leave your comments below

TJ23 – Email List Building with Facebook – Amy Porterfield

12/11/2013 with

Starting her career in marketing with Harley Davidson and prominent motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, Amy Porterfield burned her bridges and dived deep in to social media marketing. 2 years out of Robbins, Amy was approached by Wiley to co-write Facebook for Dummies and she’s not looked backed since. She’s now considered one of the foremost experts on Facebook […]

Traffictoon #8 – The Bizarre Baby Name Phenomenon

12/10/2013 with

In this native digital world we now live in, there are just more things to consider when naming your new born; availability of email address, twitter handle, domain name…. perhaps it is no wonder why celebrities name their children with such obscure names like “Fifi Trixibelle” (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates), “Sage Moonblood” (Sylvetser Stallone), […]

TJ8 – Email Drop Dojo with Chad Hamzeh

18/5/2013 with

  In episode number 8 of Traffic Jam we focus in on email drops with Chad Hamzeh. Our interesting guest from Traffic Black Book guides us through the email buying process, from how to get started if you are new to email advertising right through to list testing strategies for advanced marketers. Chad Hamzeh’s packs […]