Google Jokes

It's the giant of the internet world, and like all things mighty it's only fitting to poke a little fun at it now and then! We're pretty sure that Google has a sense of humour and can take the odd joke anyway. Here's a selection of our Favourite Traffic Toon Google jokes.

It's hard to stay anonymous online. In autumn 2014 Google published figures that suggested it had received over 500,000 requests from across Europe for personal information to disappear from search results, and that more than 6000 people had successfully used the EU's 2014 'right to be forgotten' ruling. Privacy on the internet remains a controversial subject and Google finds itself at the heart of the matter.

SEO is a tricky business to be in. As Google adapt their algorithms frequently, only those who stay on the ball can stay at the top of their game. You snooze, you lose!

Link Juice, the amount of positive ranking factors that a link passes from one page to the next, can be a difficult recipe to get right. To get the best results, you must use great ingredients (otherwise know as high authority, relevant and contextual backlinks to your site), and just like a great chef, you must know what you're doing!

Duplicate content has brought double the joy to this couple. In the world of Google, however, it would have quite the opposite effect; content that is borrowed from elsewhere appearing on your site does not score well and can have a major impact on your search engine rankings.

When we have any kind of question or query, how many of us immediately turn to Google? The phrase 'google it' is now very much part of everyday language and the popular search engine's name has appeared as a verb in the Oxford English dictionary since 2006. Google handles 100 billion queries per month, although perhaps it doesn't have the answers for everything!

The world of SEO can be utterly baffling! This scene, more at home in an Ivy League university, shows just how bewildering Google algorithms can be. You don't need to be a professor in maths, however, if you can turn to an SEO expert. It's their job to keep up to date with the latest array of Google algorithm changes.

Have you noticed how incredibly annoying it can be when people finish your sentences for you? While now Google is doing it too. Google users have a love/hate relationship with Google Instant, as this feature is known. Convenient and quick, or just plain irritating? I suppose that depends on how well it can read your mind.

So, there you have it: a lighthearted look at all things Google. Be sure to take a look at Future Traffic Toons for more Google jokes and SEO humour