TJ35 – Google Plus Your Business Reach: Engagement Strategies For Your G+ Circles with Martin Shervington

24/4/2014 with

Martin Shervington knows more than a thing or two about Google Plus. Referenced by Guy Kawasaki as “one of the most clever people in social media” and by Chris Brogan, author of Google Plus for Business as his go to guy, you know this Brit has got this Google+ thing sussed. With more than 340,000 Google+ followers […]

TJ18 – Influence Marketing: Social Media With Klout – Mark Schaefer

9/9/2013 with

More than just how to grow your audience, this week’s episode teaches you how to grow and influence an audience online. You may ask what is an influencer and how that helps my business model, but worry not, we’ve got all that covered from a great influencer himself, Mark Schaefer. Mark from Businesses Grow is […]

TJ10 – Google+ The Plus & Minus With Chris Brogan

7/6/2013 with

To mark episode 10 of Traffic Jam,we are joined by New York Time’s best selling author Chris Brogan and the topic in discussion is Google+. Chris Brogan of and published his book Google Plus for Business in December 2011 and called Google Plus out as the next big thing. 18 months on we’ll see if […]

James Reynolds, Chris Brogan, Larry Winget, Michael Gerber, Erik Qualman In Guinness World Record Attempt

17/6/2012 with

“If you want to be the best, soar above the rest, dedication is what you need to be a record breaker.” Since I was a child watching the BBC’s Record Breakers I’ve always wanted to take part in a Guinness World Record attempt. Now I will, and you get to be a part too…. Mark […]