TJ61 – Content Syndication Strategy: How To Leverage Owned Media For Wider Reach and Authority ~ Brian Honigman

13/1/2015 with

Content Syndication is a term that heralds from broadcast television, and is the reason why shows like Seinfeld and Friends gained such wide exposure. In the same way that television networks licence their shows to other providers, you can licence your own website content to other publishers in order to increase your audience share. But […]

Hummingbird: What Has Changed And How It Affects You

9/10/2013 with

Dubbed by Amit Singhal as the biggest algorithm update since he joined Google in 2001, the Hummingbird is out, and here’s what it means for everyone.   In this Video: 00:12 – Google’s Birthday Update 00:28 – Biggest One Yet As Dubbed By Amit Singhal 00:50 – How Does It Compare With Panda and  Penguin? […]