March 16, 2014 – Week 11 Summary

16/3/2014 with

So what has happened in the world of Veravo this week? We’ve got loads of news and information out for you for both SEO and Google Adwords as well as the really information-packed episode of Traffic Jam with David Amerland. Backlinking has been a trick in the SEO world for quite some time and the […]

How To Utilize The Google Search Page Changes To Gain More Clicks

21/11/2013 with

As you may have noticed, there have been changes in the Google Search Results page, but aside from the different look, as a website owner, you should take this as an opportunity to funnel more clicks to your site, and on this video, James tells you how.   In this Video: 00:15 – The New […]

Track Long Term Conversions With This New Adwords Addition

26/9/2013 with

Not all clicks on your ads results in a conversion right away, especially if the product that you sell is quite pricey and would require a good amount of thinking before shelling out some cash. Here’s an effective way to track leads longer.   Click HERE to download the MP3 and full PDF transcript In […]

How Google Works

13/8/2013 with

“Voodoo, black-box, wizadry”……. these are all words I have heard used to describe the somewhat mysterious way that Google and the practice of search engine optimisation works. Whilst to an outsider how Google works may seem complex and mysterious, when you break it down it is actually quite simple. Here is what happens when you […]