TJ60 – Media Buying 101: How To Maximise Your ROI From Paid Traffic with Charles Kirkland

7/1/2015 with

Since banner ads are largely ignored by consumers, you might assume that you, the marketer, should ignore them too. Whilst this is largely true, due to developments in technology giving us better insights in to our audience and more precise ways to target them, online ads in the right hands are perhaps more effective than ever before. […]

Make The Best Landing Page With Tips From Dubai PPC Management Company

21/5/2013 with

Your landing page is the first thing your visitors see when they get to your site, which is why as an experienced PPC Management Company owner, James suggests you should put forward every effort to have the best landing page possible.   In this Video: 00:15 – What’s the best landing page? 00:30 – Sales […]