TJ70 – Alternative Marketing: Strategies For Winning Traffic From Unconventional Sources ~ Greg Cesar

5/5/2015 with

As the big platforms like Facebook and Google become increasingly accessible, (and therefore crowded) main stream marketing approaches are offering diminishing returns. Higher CPC’s, lower CTR’s and increasing noise are forcing the question; where else? In this episode we are looking at alternative marketing strategies and how to win traffic from unconventional sources. Greg Cesar […]

January 26, 2014 – Week 4 Summary

27/1/2014 with

As James repeatedly teaches, listening to people around you will give you plenty of good ideas on how you can further improve your business. This week’s PPC news is another example of just that.   Find out why the local grocer at James’ neighborhood has huge success with his clientele. Click here to watch the […]

The SEO Community Are Up In Arms (Again!)

6/8/2013 with

A Google update is causing quite a stir again amongst the SEO community, and here’s one good reason why we tell you guys not to worry too much.   In this Video: 00:11 – Google’s Recent Link Schemes Update 00:22 – The Update’s Effect to Webmasters 00:30 – Find Out How the SEO Community Responded […]