TJ47 – Website Launch Strategy: How To Kick Start Your New or Existing Blog with Corbett Barr

23/9/2014 with

Every day 2 million blog posts are written (enough to fill Time Magazine for 770 years). Thousands of blogs are launched every day. The internet is awash with blogs, but very few of those blogs are blogs that matter. Truth is most bloggers launch to a deathly silence. No traffic, no engagement and no impact. Even […]

Traffictoon#42 – Microblogging Examined

21/8/2014 with

Definition: Microblogging is broadcast medium that exists in the form of blogging. A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregated file size.   This guy took the definition a little too literally. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all offer a microblogging platforms. What’s your favourite micro […]

TJ32 – Social Media: Mobilising Your Organisation Through The Brand of Your Employees with Alex Coté

31/3/2014 with

On this episode I am  joined by Alex Coté, the founder of for a fireside chat about the role employees take in building your company brand on social media. After 10 years of social media, businesses are finally realising that the collective voice of their employees is more powerful and authentic than their own. Alex […]

This Is Veravo

22/7/2013 with

Let us all welcome the new umbrella company for both and where you can learn the business tips and tricks James has been employing in his business as well as with our happy clients!   In this Video: 00:14 – Got To a New Site? 00:38 – Why The Change? 01:01 – What […]

Internet Marketing – Blogs For Business With Suraj Sodha

22/11/2012 with

Suraj Sodha is back on the show and this time we’re covering the topic of internet marketing blogs for business. How to leverage the power of blogging to generate more traffic, build authority and make more profit. Suraj teaches blogging through workshops and conferences across the world. James and Suraj recently caught up in Dubai […]