Traffic Jam Pre Interview Information and Questionnaire

Here is a short overview of the arrangements for our interview…

The Interview

  • The will be approximately 20/30 mins in length and will be conducted by Skype. Please state your skype id below.


  • Please be in a quiet room and use a good quality microphone. To minimise feedback a set of headphones are recommended too.
  • I will do a 2 sided recording but for improved production quality, if possible please also record your audio input (your voice only). My team will merge the 2 recordings in post production.
  • Recommended programs for audio recording are Garage Band (Mac) or Audactity (Free Download)
  • Following the interview I will provide you with a Drop Box folder to which you should upload your side of the recording.


  • The podcast targets marketing managers and agency executives
  • The audience is medium to advanced

Please also take ‘5’ to complete the following questions.

Your answers along with my own research will help me prepare an interview that gives you the best possible exposure to TrafficJam listeners. Thank you

This form is also located here